Cleric: US domination biggest vice

Tehran, Oct 7, IRNA – Tehran Temporary Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohmmad Ali Movahhedi Kermani said that the Islamic government will come to an end the day it stops promoting virtues and preventing vice.

Addressing congregational prayers in his second sermon on Friday, he added that the spirit of Imam Hossein’s (AS) uprising was promoting virtues and preventing vices.

Noting that the biggest vice is US domination, he said that unfortunately, the US has dominated all weak Islamic states and they all either fear the US or have been allured by it.

Criticizing Saudis for closing Hajj for Iranians, the cleric said that Muslim countries should reconsider Hajj management because Saudis are incompetent for that.

Elsewhere in his speech, he also referred to domestic problems such as poverty, saying that Resistance Economy will help relieve poverty in the society.

Today, some have been impressed by the US and are not capable to withstand it, he said.

He further noted that Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei proposed economy of resistance as an approach for countering the US and underlined, ‘We should not look to the US and we should take our rights from it.’