China releases charter of scientific cooperation with Silk Road countries

October 5, The Iran Project – China released the charter of scientific cooperation with Silk Road countries on Wednesday.

China’s New Silk Road program which has been developed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, includes building technology transfer centers and scientific and technical towns in the countries on the route of new Silk Road.

China predicts that within the framework of training and exchanging programs with the countries of the Silk Road, nearly 5 thousand young scientists will be trained and run the Road’s affairs in the next five years.

Implementing this program, it is expected that the scientific cooperation of China’s Silk Road with other countries be expanded during the next decade.

Iran is strategically-located in the Middle East, sharing land borders with 15 nations, and sea channels on its northern and southwestern coasts. China sees Iran as a country that can play a crucial role in China’s New Silk Road initiative given its access to extensive delivery routes connecting to the Middle East and Eurasia.

Also, Tehran has already pledged to support the New Silk Road initiative with an investment of $6 billion for the next six years.