Ansarullah spokesman discloses UAE’s plot to disintegrate Yemen

TEHRAN (FNA)- Spokesman of Ansarullah resistance group warned of the UAE’s plot to disintegrate Yemen.

“In addition to its role in the aggression against Yemen, the UAE is also seeking to disintegrate the country,” Mohammad Abdolsalam wrote on his twitter page on Saturday.

A few months ago, Abdol Jamil al-Makhlafi, a prominent analyst of Yemen crisis, had also made similar remarks, adding that Abu Dhabi welcomes separation of Southern Yemen from the country.

Also in July, Arab sources disclosed Saudi Arabia’s plot to disintegrate Yemen into three countries, one in the North and two in the South.

The sources underlined that based on the plan, a government will be formed in the Northern parts of Yemen. Another one will be established in the Yemeni border province of Hadrarmout which will also include al-Mohrah and certain parts of Shabout, while a third state will be established in the other Southern provinces with Aden as its capital.

Also according to the Saudi plan, different Riyadh-backed terrorist groups will continue war against the Yemeni army and popular committees in the Southern provinces and al-Qaeda will be strengthened to keep the popular Ansarullah movement busy with fighting against terrorism in Marib and the Northern provinces.

By Fars News Agency