Yemen Speaker appeals for Iran’s initiatives to stop Saudi aggression

Tehran, Sept 28, IRNA – Speaker of Yemen House of Representatives appealed for Iran’s initiatives to stop the Saudi aggression citing indiscriminate bombardments of the civilian targets and imposing sanctions on Yemen by the Saudi government.

‎Yahya Ali al-Raee made the appeal in a letter to Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani.

The Yemeni Speaker made clear that Yemeni people are looking for help from Iran vis-a-vis the crimes against humanity and the war crimes perpetrated by the Saudi government at the behest of the fugitive government.

The Speaker expressed outrage at the humanitarian plight of Yemen and that the country has been subject to the Saudi aggression since March 25, 2015 in blatant violation of the Charter of the United Nations.

He reiterated that despite holding a pervasive conference participated by Ansarullah on March 28, 2016 aimed to form the Supreme Political Council and stop the Saudi aggression based on Constitution, some Arab governments attempted to undermine
legitimacy of the Yemeni Parliament.

He said that legitimacy of the Yemeni Parliament was approved by the Constitution of Yemen.

The Speaker of Yemeni Parliament held the Saudi government responsible for deaths of the Yemeni children, women and civilians and systematic destruction of the Yemeni infrastructure and degradation of Yemeni environment.