Bahram Qassemi

Iran reiterates sovereignty over trio islands, blasts UAE for deepening gaps in region

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry condemned repeated territorial claims raised by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the three Iranian islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf, and blasted Abu Dhabi for its unconstructive policies in the region.

“The UAE foreign minister’s attempt to play the blame-game and accuse others of destabilizing the region is made as Abu Dhabi has left aside its traditional conservative role in recent years to the benefit of extremist and warmongering actors in the region and has persuaded deepening of gaps and spread of warmongering instead of soothing tensions,” Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Sunday in reaction to UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s remarks against Tehran at the UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has and does always believe that supportive policies on Takfiri terrorism will put the region on the edge of the precipice of irreparable calamities and disasters,” he added.

Stressing that the trio islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb in the Persian Gulf are inseparable parts of Iran, Qassemi said, “Repeating unfounded claims would never change the historical realities.”

International documents clearly show that the three islands of the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa which were historically owned by Iran, temporarily fell to British control in 1903. The islands were returned to Iran based on an agreement in 1971 before the UAE was born.

Iran has repeatedly declared that its ownership of the three islands is unquestionable.

Under international law, no state can defy any agreement, which came into being before its establishment.

Yet, the UAE continues to make territorial claims against the Islamic Republic despite historical evidence and international regulations.

By Fars News Agency