Beyond 3m barrels gas condensates exported in 5 months


TEHRAN, Sept 25 (Shana) – Export of gas condensates of Fajr Jam Refinery in the first half of the current Iranian year of 1395 (started on March 20) exceeded three million barrels.

Deputy Head of Fajr Jam Gas Refining Company for the Exports Terminals Affairs Jamshid Khajezadeh told Shana that after elimination of sanctions, considerable growth was observed in export of gas condensates and 95 percent of the loaded consignment was in the Siraf Port export terminal.

Khajezadeh said the gas condensates had been exported in 15 consignments in the first half of this year, while observing environmental standards.

He said gas condensates of Fajr Jam refinery were transferred through two 56 km pipeline to Siraf port and were loaded and exported through 40,000 ton ships.

He added that four 40,000 cubic meter gas condensates storage tanks are in Siraf port and ships load the condensates through SBMs, off several kilometers from the shores.

He noted that annually 50 gas condensate consignments are loaded through SBMs in Siraf port and mostly gas condensates are exported to Asian states such as Japan, the UAE and South Korea.

The company was initially designed to purify 85 million cubic meters/day natural gas and in 2000, once the project for increasing the refinery capacity successfully commissioned, the figure rose to 110 million cubic meters/day.