President Rouhani’s question for students on new school year

Tehran, Sept 24, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday put a question to the students on Saturday on the occasion of the beginning of the new school year in Iran.

Traditionally, a question is asked from Iranian students by the president in the beginning of each school year, (first of the Iranian month of Mehr which also marks beginning of autumn) and the students have to answer that question by sending a letter.

This is in fact a competition called the ‘Question of Mehr.’

In his Question of Mehr this year, President Rouhani asked Iranian students: ‘Where does violence stem from, how people learn violence, and how can one stand against it? How can we have a kind society based on the Holy Prophet’s (Peace Be Upon Him) teachings, and how we can free regional and world societies from violence?’

President Rouhani on Saturday officially started the new school year nationwide by ringing the bell in a high school in downtown Tehran.

Traditionally, Iranian Presidents attend the first day of school year with a question for Iranian students across the country.

Concurrent with the opening of the school year by the President Rouhani, over 1,000 educational, training and sports projects were inaugurated across the country.

Iranian school year starts on September 22 (the first day of autumn on the Iranian calendar) after a three-month summer vacation.

This year, the schools were officially opened by President Rouhani on Sep. 24, two days later due to the weekend.