Rouhani urges ‘more active’ UN role in JCPOA

TEHRAN, Sep. 22 (MNA) – Iran’s Hassan Rouhani has told UN secretary-general JCPOA has provided a precedent where dialogue achieved what war and violence had failed to.President Rouhani and Mr. Ban Ki Moon of the UN met late Wednesday in New York local time where Mr. Rouhani told the meeting that all sides and the UN should contribute to JCPOA; “we expect the UN Secretariat to actively engage in facilitating the deal implementation; the spirit of cooperation should rule in the deal; any negligence in sides’ commitments would greatly reduce the effectiveness of the deal and would undermine the very negotiation the JCPOA is based upon,” he emphasized.

Rouhani then turned to the region especially crises in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen; “in Yemen, air strikes which mounted to war crimes are disturbing, and a country unilaterally violates all international conventions; in Yemen, the war declared against the people lacks any legal and conventional basis, and international community recognizes that the invader had been killing women and children out of whim of its callous rulers,” Rouhani made indirect references to Saudi Arabia.

“In Syria, Iran had been always ready to play a constructive role; a guiding principle is to recognize and respect national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries in question; the humanitarian issues should also be on top of all other considerations; the UN has been attending to its inherent role of a facilitator in Yemen to which we express our gratitude; however, on other issue of air strikes, the Organization should not come short of making strict demands that they be stopped, to observe their critical roles in such a turning points as now,” he told Ban.

Mr. Ban hailed Iran’s four years of leadership of the NAM to which Rouhani responded with the commitment of Iran to lead the NAM in a manner so that it assumes more active roles in the international community; Mr. Ban also emphasized that all sides to the JCPOA should remain committed to their obligations provisioned by the deal.

By Mehr News Agency