Salehi visits Euratom Nuclear Fusion Project Center in Britain

London, Sept 18, IRNA – Head of Iran Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar Salehi who is currently on a visit to London to attend World Nuclear Association Symposium visited Euratom Nuclear Fusion Project Center near Oxford.

The center abbreviated as JET (Joint European Torus) id financed by European Commission and is the most significant center for advanced studies on nuclear fusion across Europe.

During his visit, Salehi was welcomed by the head of British Atomic Energy Organization, representatives of European Commission and officials of JET.

Salehi toured various sections of the center and was briefed on the latest scientific and research achievements of the center.

During Salehi’s recent visit to Brussels, Iran and European Union had reached an agreement on paving the ground for scientific participation of the Iranian scientists in nuclear fusion project in JET.

According to researchers, nuclear fusion is to be one of the modern and significant resources of energy production within the next decades.

JET, the only fusion project which is able to create a plasma space for an unprecedented time, is of high status in the field of nuclear fusion and its research studies are used in the world project ITER.

Salehi arrived in London from Brussels on Thursday to attend the annual meeting of the World Nuclear Association.