Iranian activist urges UN to unify world for fighting against extremism

September 18, The Iran Project – An Iranian political activist says the United Nation should unify the world to remove extremist and takfiri approaches.

Speaking to a reporter on Sunday, Esmaeil Jalili said it is expected that governments, regardless of their bilateral and multilateral problems, to move towards unity and integrity for fighting against violence and extremism.

The former lawmaker emphasized that all countries should cooperate to prevent terrorism and extremism to spread into the social, cultural, political and religious areas.

Jalili said that the United Nation should once again remind the world powers to respect other countries’ territorial integrity, adding the fate of each country should be determined by its people.

Stressing the importance of paying attention to the stable inclusive peace, and global political stability by the presidents of all countries, especially the Iranian president, can be raised as a message of peace and friendship in the United Nations, he noted.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will attend the 71st UN General Assembly Session due in New York from Sep. 20 to 26.

Addressing the 68th session of the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2013, President Rouhani presented a set of proposals for a World Against Violence and Extremism (WAVE).