Iran rejects alleged report over EU demand for centrifuge details

Tehran, September 18, IRNA – The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has rejected an alleged report by an international news outlet suggesting that the European Union has demanded full details on manufacturing of centrifuge parts by Iran.

Behrouz Kamalvandi AEOI Spokesman on Saturday called the report baseless saying that the global news outlet has also resorted to such news fabrications in the past about Iran’s nuclear industry.

The anti-Iranian media is trying to in this way to influence the positive atmosphere created following release of the three reports by the International Atomic Energy Agency secretary general on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, Kamalvandi said.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in its statement says a certain media which has a long history of making anti-Iranian stories is trying to make a negative atmosphere against Iran on the verge of the 60th annual regular session of the IAEA General Conference.

Such biased reports by some media and entities are released for particular purposes, the statement added.

The Associated Press released an alleged report on Friday and claimed that the EU is demanding that Iran share with the UN full details of its manufacture of parts for centrifuge machines.