Deputy chief of staff warns of enemies’ plots to debilitate Iran’s defensive power

TEHRAN (FNA)- Deputy Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri warned that enemies have hatched plots to decrease the country’s defensive power and capabilities.

“The enemies are seeking to weaken and destroy the country’s wall of defense, but we never miscalculate and will increase our defensive and offensive power to fight against the enemies,” General Jazzayeri said on Sunday.

He underlined the necessity for the further development of Iran’s defensive and military capabilities, and said, “Increasing the defense power and strengthening the capability to confront possible aggressions is the inalienable right of the country; the Armed Forces and the defense industry of the Islamic Republic and Iran consider this necessity as one of its priorities and the nation will not allow any restriction or pause in this area.”

In relevant remarks in July, new Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri said that combating threats and increasing the defensive power of Iran’s military troops are his most important priorities.

“Enhancing the Armed Forces’ defensive and security capabilities, boosting the ability to confront threats and also upholding popular mobilization are among the most important programs (of the Iranian Armed Forces),” Major General Baqeri told reporters.

Major General Baqeri reiterated that boosting Iran’s defensive preparedness beyond the country’s borders in the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman and Northern Indian Ocean has been pursued due to Iran’s naval prowess and will be followed up more than before.

“In fact the Iranian Armed Forces’ plans have been devised on such bases and approved by Supreme Leader (of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei).”

The new Iranian chief of staff underlined that security has been enhanced in border regions and provinces, specially in Northwestern and Southeastern Iran, and said, “Thanks God the government and private sectors can easily perform their duties in those regions (border regions) like the inner parts of the country due to (restoration of ) full security.”

“Rendering assistance to the oppressed people of the region against oppression, aggression and cruelties and terrorist attacks will be a top priority of the armed forces,” he reiterated.

By Fars News Agency