Syrian army stationed in strategic road North of Aleppo again

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – The Syrian Army troops have been redeployed to the Castillo Road north of Aleppo after being targeted by foreign-backed terrorists in the district.

According to Tasnim dispatches, the Syrian army redeployed its forces on Saturday to the Castillo Road after terrorists fired at a military post of the army.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, in a statement, announced that if the terrorists mount attacks on Syrian forces, they have the right to defend themselves and Russia will provide air support for them.

The Syrian army had begun a staged withdrawal of troops and vehicles from the Castello Road in Aleppo, according to the head of Russian military in Syria.

Vladimir Savchenko said late on Thursday the Syrian government had done so to ensure the delivery of humanitarian supplies into rebel-held east Aleppo.

Savchenko said opposition forces were yet to pull back from the road.

The delivery of humanitarian aid is a key part of a US-Russia ceasefire deal in effect since Monday.

The UN has alleged the Syrian government has refused to allow its aid deliveries into the stricken city.

The Russian defense ministry meanwhile created a “live webcast” of the situation in Aleppo, including the aerial monitoring of eastern Aleppo by drone flights.

The ministry’s website said the footage would “provide transparency of ceasefire regime implementation in the Syrian Arab Republic by the sides”.

Some of the footage apparently showed a line of trucks waiting on a road clear of military vehicles.