Rezaei: Govt. should avoid haste in addressing FATF

TEHRAN, Sep. 10 (MNA) – Secretary of Expediency Council has recommended the government to exercise restraint in addressing FATF and to avoid overhasty decisions which would damage the country with further consequences.

Mohsen Rezaei who was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a funeral ceremony on Saturday, said that all branches of government had suffered serious pitfalls in addressing international law issues; “the diplomatic efforts waged are usually devoid of skills and expertise expected and the lack of information infests all such efforts, hence, no tangible outcome would be enjoyed by the country,” he added, responding to a question by Mehr News.

“FATF is a number of countries sitting in a forum or organization; they are committed to mutual expectations and benefits; the government however should practice patience and avoid walking in terra incognita of international law where the country would suffer consequences later.”

On a question of joint US-Russian plan for Syria, Rezaei said that any proposal which was from outside Syria and not devised by Syrian people and government would be rejected; “we are not hostile to Russian initiatives in Syria; however, the final words are of Syrians and foreign countries would only provide help and advice for Syrians in tackling challenges,” he said.

On confrontations in the Persian Gulf of Iran’s speedboats and US warships, former IRGC general believed that Iran’s speedboats and the staff had been trained according to international standards of good conduct and no violations had been registered; “speedboats have only been protecting our territorial waters and any possible violations have been committed by the US side, just in the case of US marines which had trespassed Iran’s territorial waters; the US navy should provide enough training for its staff for a better conduct in so complex a region as the Persian Gulf,” he emphasized.

By Mehr News Agency