East Azarbaijan playing effective role in promoting Iran-Turkey relations

Tabriz, East Azarbaijan prov, Sept 4, IRNA – Managing Director of the provincial organization in charge of state-run commerce Ali Qanbari said East Azarbaijan played a pivotal role in promoting trade with Turkey.

Addressing a gathering to promote trade and investment between this northwestern province and Turkey, he said the province certainly had a key role in realization of dlrs-30-billion worth of trade between the two countries.

Noting that every investment bid needed two elements of security and stability as guarantee, he said Iran offers both conditions to investors.

He said cooperation between the two countries would benefit development purposes of both nations and pave the way for their easy access to world markets.

In line with the Resistance Economy policies, the official said, an initial agreement has been made with Turkey on 6 billion-dollar worth of investments which is to rise later on.

It also noted during the gathering that 178 investment projects are available for Turkish investors in East Azarbaijan.