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Early release of Brock Turner prompts protest in California

Dozens of people have held a rally in the US state of California to protest against sexual violence after a former Stanford University student who raped an unconscious woman was released from prison after spending only three months behind bars.

Hours after Brock Turner’s release on Friday, protesters chanted and waved signs outside the Santa Clara County jail.

The protesters were particularly angry about the early release of Turner, who just served half of his six-month jail term.

Turner, a one-time Olympic hopeful swimmer, was convicted of assault after raping an unconscious young woman at the Stanford University campus in January of last year.

On June 2, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to six months confinement to be followed by three years of probation.

An outcry over Persky’s sentence, which was considered too lenient in the eyes of many, was quick and substantial. A campaign to recall Persky has gained momentum.

During Friday’s protest, the demonstrators chanted, “Hey hey, ho ho, Judge Persky has got to go.” They held signs reading “Protect survivors, not rapists,” “Hold Persky accountable” and “Because our daughters deserve better.”

Several speakers called for Persky to be removed from office through a recall election.

“There is no justice in the light sentence and early release of Brock Turner,” said US Representative Eric Swalwell, a former prosecutor who represents the San Francisco Bay area.

“Are you ready to give Judge Persky the early release that he deserves?” the crowd shouted, “Yes!”

The criminal case highlights growing concern over sexual assaults on US college campuses.

Sexual violence against female students on university campuses in the United States has reached “epidemic levels,” and interventions to reduce it are urgently needed, a study released last year said.

The survey, conducted at a large unnamed private university in the state of New York, found that 19 percent of women there suffered some form of rape either by force or while they were incapacitated due to alcohol or drugs.

By Press TV

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