US, Saudi Arabia annoyed by Iran strengthening its borders

Despite the fact that supplying Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missile systems to Iran does not violate any UN Security Council resolution, the US government expressed concern over the increase of Tehran’s military potential caused by this development.

Meanwhile, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei recently declared that air defense systems are extremely important and “must be on the frontline, ready to repulse any aggression launched by an enemy that seeks to undermine the country’s defense potential.”

Ahmad Vakhshiteh, chief editor of Iranian analytical web portal RussiaViewer, told Sputnik that the sale of S-300 by Russia to Iran is a perfectly legal deal, and that the US has no right to interfere. He pointed out that while several years ago the shipment of these weapons was put on hold due to sanctions enforced via a UN resolution, the Iranian nuclear deal effectively helped resolve that issue.

“The US interference in this issue is illegal. But why does the US protest so vehemently against these shipments? One should pay attention to the growing Saudi influence. Ever since Iran started purchasing these systems, the country’s aerial borders became better defended. So if some countries conflict with Iran – ideologically or geopolitically – or if they seek to destabilize the region to ensure their dominance, they don’t want such an influential state as Iran to improve its military might and increase its defense capabilities,” Vakhshiteh explained.

He also pointed out that the S-300 surface-to-air missile system is a strictly defensive weapon, and that Iran has never acted aggressively or sought to destabilize the region. Therefore, Vakhshiteh argued, it’s small wonder that when asked why the US protests against the shipment of these weapons, Khamenei replied that “the opposing side, the US, is deceitful and opposes the independence of our nation.”

“During the nuclear negotiations Iran performed commendably: it accepted all conditions, making notable concessions. The sanctions previously imposed against Iran were annulled. And as Iran honors its commitments, the West – namely, the United States – should also honor the commitments it made. But instead we see the exact opposite. Recently there was even talk of imposing sanctions against Russia for supplying S-300 to Iran,” he said.

By Sputnik