Indian forces kill another protester in Kashmir

Indian government forces have killed another protester in the town of Pulwama in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Police said on Friday that a young man was killed and dozens of protesters were injured after violent clashes between security forces and protesters erupted in over a dozen places across the restive region, including the main city of Srinagar.

Police used live munition, tear gas and pellet guns to disperse the protesters who took to the streets in defiance of a curfew following Friday prayers.

At least 30 people were injured in the police crackdown on the fresh protests against Indian rule in the disputed Himalayan region.

People stage an anti-India protest in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir, August 26, 2016. (AFP)

New Delhi has imposed a strict curfew following a recent wave of protests triggered by the July 8 shooting of a popular anti-India activist.

Since the protests started, an estimated 500,000 Indian troops have been deployed across the Muslim-majority territory.

The curfew and government crackdown, however, have failed to stop the protests.

Protesters shout anti-India slogans during a protest in Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir, August 26, 2016. (AFP)

Since India and Pakistan won independence from British rule in 1947, the arch-rivals have claimed Kashmir in full but have had only partial control over it. The two countries agreed to a ceasefire in Kashmir on November 26, 2003, and launched a peace process the following year.

Since then, however, there have been sporadic clashes, with the two sides trading accusations of violating the ceasefire along their de facto border dividing the disputed region.

By Press TV