Iris Montenegro

Nicaragua respects Iran’s national sovereignty

Managua, Aug 24, IRNA – Vice-Speaker of Nicaraguan parliament Ms. Iris Montenegro on Wednesday criticized western governments for imposing arbitrary sanctions on Iran under pretext of nuclear program, saying that the international community should respect Iran’s sovereignty.

She made the remarks in an interview with IRNA.

She said that Nicaragua has always firmly condemned the US hostility toward Iran and imposing the sanctions on Iran.

Ms. Montenegro said that Iran and Nicaragua revolutions became victorious in 1979 and the two governments have developed closer ties to improve life standard of the people.

She thanked Iranian government for setting up modern hospital in Nicaragua, saying that the medical center is offering effective and valuable services to people.

The vice-speaker said that in Nicaraguan parliament and other Latin American parliaments are willing to expand ties with Iran.

She added that Iran-Nicaragua parliamentary friendship group is very active and working hard for enhanced political, cultural and economic ties with Iran, because relations with Iran and the Muslim World are so important for Latin America.

‘I believe the visit of Foreign Minister Zarif accompanied by a large Iranian business delegation to Managua would have very important and valuable outcome,’ she said.