Prosecutor lets Zanjani properties be ceded to Petroleum Ministry

Tehran, Aug 23, IRNA – Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi said necessary permits have been issued for the Petroleum Ministry to receive properties of Babak Zanjani.

He said on Tuesday that the Prosecutor General’s Office has agreed that 20,000- billion-rial worth of Zanjani’s properties to be handed to the Petroleum Ministry.

He also said that his office has proposed to the Iranian Foreign Ministry to take some measures in Tajikistan and Turkey to reclaim Zanjani’s properties.

Oil billionaire Babak Zanjani and two other defendants have been sentenced to death penalty; they have also been sentenced to repay the money embezzled from the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC).

Zanjani, 41, was arrested on December 30, 2013, on charges of corruption. He is one of Iran’s wealthiest businessmen, with a fortune worth estimated 14 billion dollars.

Zanjani and two other defendants face charges of money laundering lodged in a 40,000-page indictment.

The two defendants are facing charges of complicity in money laundering, forgery and fraud.

Zanjani was jailed when charges were brought up against him for misappropriating two billion euros belonged to the Ministry of Petroleum.