Leader honors Rio Olympic delegation

TEHRAN, Aug. 23 (MNA) – Leader of the Islamic Revolution has issued a message to hail Iran’s Rio Olympic delegation especially medalist athletes.

The message congratulated ‘the returning delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran,’ ‘heroes who rejoiced the nation with their wining colorful medals,’ ‘the champions whose rights were denied by biased judgement,’ ‘to the champions whose merit would not be tarnished anymore by their lack of success,’ ‘to our female athlete who displayed an honorable form of hijab as an Iranian code for all,’ ‘to our female hero who brilliantly shone clad in complete hijab,’ and ultimately, ‘to all team coaches, managers and other staff.’

“I express my thanks to all of you members of the delegation as well as veterans in the country; I appreciate your effort, hard-working, and spirit of solidarity,” concluded the message.

By Mehr News Agency