Hillary Clinton

How Hillary Clinton ushered in a one party dictatorship of monopoly capital

For the first time in US history, the corporate monopolies that dictate politics in Washington have huddled under one party umbrella. That umbrella is the Democratic Party. This has struck far less fear into the corporate media than the specter of a Trump Presidency. The White Nationalist billionaire has been deemed a pariah by US ruling class. To defeat him, the ruling class has instituted one-party rule through the abandonment of the Trump-occupied GOP.

Every four years, American liberals warn the general public of the dangers of a Republican Party Presidency. The Democratic Party leverages the imagery of a white supremacist apocalypse to forward its own candidates. As the liberal wing of the dominant class, Democratic Party candidates are marketed as “intelligent,” “experienced,” and “diplomatic.” Presidential elections are thus nothing more than a glorified job interview with the ruling class where the Trumps and Clintons of the world battle and jockey for the necessary campaign cash to win the prestigious position of Commander in Chief of the US imperial system.

Hillary Clinton has advertised herself as the perfect shelter from the Trump storm for the ruling class and anyone else fearful of his rise. Clinton has actively recruited refugee Republicans to her ranks. The campaign has called the recruitment drive “Together for America.” Clinton is working hard to consolidate the entire ruling class under her campaign’s umbrella. However, the consolidation of the ruling class under the Democratic Party did not begin with Hillary Clinton. It has been a decades-long process from which Clinton has emerged as its highest expression.

The last forty years have seen a gradual coalescence of the ruling class behind the Democratic Party. It has been determined by the profiteers and war makers that the Democratic Party is best suited to serve their interests under crisis conditions. After all, it was Democratic Party President Bill Clinton who deregulated the financial sector, monopolized the corporate media, and deindustrialized the economy for more profitable pastures through NAFTA. The next Democratic Party President, Barack Obama, followed Clinton’s footsteps by instituting the largest wealth transfer in US history to the 1 percent.

So it should come as no surprise that war-hawks and billionaires have flocked to Hillary Clinton’s tent. Clinton has received endorsements from notable billionaires such as Warren Buffet, Mark Cuban, and Michael Bloomberg. She has also been given both blessings and donations fromSilicon Valley and Wall Street Hedge funds. Neo-con war enthusiast Robert Kagan also endorsed Hillary Clinton alongside prominent war-makers at a fundraiser led by “foreign policy professionals for Hillary Clinton.” At the fundraiser, Clinton’s policy of regime change in Libya and her commitment to deterring “Russian Aggression” were cited as the primary reasons why she has won over the war hawks to her tent.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has intensified a process of political consolidation that has been in the works since the 1970s. Global capitalism has reached its highest stage of imperialism or monopoly over this period. Imperialism, where a small number of corporations compete for shrinking market share, has become a fetter on production. Capitalism’s mass displacement of the global working class by way of technological advancement has forced corporations to rely on finance capital to maximize profits. Finance capital has created a huge glut of overproduction and a decline in the total rate of profit that has required increased political cooperation to manage.

This period of economic development is often called “neo-liberalism.” The Democratic Party has become the neo-liberal party of the US ruling class. Republicans have been forced over this same period to stake out a position farther to the right of the Democrats. The Republican Party and Democratic Party have historically reached consensus on war, austerity, and the militarization of US society. However, the constant need to stake out a position farther to the right of the Democrats has pushed the Republican Party off of a political cliff. Donald Trump has emerged and won over the Republican Party’s grassroots supporters, while the establishment of the party has fled for cover.

What remains to be seen is whether the one party dictatorship of monopoly capital can sustain itself after the 2016 elections conclude. Trump’s popularity is dwindling and, unless a significant change occurs, Hillary Clinton will become President of the US. This means that her overtures to wage war against Syria and Russia will undoubtedly find increased traction in Washington, as will her promise to ratify the Transpacific Partnership or TPP. Banks and corporations will be able to rest easy knowing that a Clinton Administration will loyally serve them. However, it was such service that produced the Sanders and Trump campaigns in the first place. These movements are set to grow should Clinton be elected in November.

An economic collapse looms over the US capitalist economy. Another economic crisis will compound the damage done by the 2008 crisis, which was never resolved by the Obama Administration’s “too big to fail” bailout policy. Millions of people will be set into political motion by the sheer misery that is come. But misery cannot produce the political and social movement needed to overturn the bleak situation that exists in the US. Social transformation is work for dedicated individuals willing to organize a collective mass movement independent of the one party dictatorship otherwise known as the Democratic Party. The first step to building this movement is to politically educate those in motion right now toward an understanding that more dire action is necessary to build a society, and a world, based on human need over private profit.

This article was written by Daniel Haiphong for American Herald Tribune on Aug. 20, 2016. Danny is a regular contributor to Black Agenda Report.  As an activist, he has contributed to the fight for a socialist world by organizing with forces fighting police terrorism, imperial warfare, and dead-end capitalism.