US is unfaithful as ever: Official

Tehran, Aug 22, IRNA – Special aide to Majlis (Parliament) speaker said Iran did prove its honesty in implementation of nuclear deal, but the United States is unfaithful as it has always been.

Hossein Amir Abdollahian made the remarks while talking in a meeting here with China’s Ambassador to Tehran Pang Sen.

Referring to the forthcoming trip of Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani to China, Amir Abdollahian said the visit of the Chinese side to Tehran is also important to bilateral relations.

The Iranian official further stressed importance of holding talks between the two countries’ parliaments on international and regional issues.

On regional developments, Amir Abdollahian appreciated China for its regional role as well as its realistic attitudes towards regional questions.

He also pointed to the situation of Syria, Bahrain and Yemen, saying Iran has made efforts a lot to help solve the regional problems through political ways.

On Yemen, he said Iran welcomes the formation of political council in Yemen that happened last week as millions of Yemenis supported that council.

Turning to Bahrain, Amir Abdollahian said the act of stripping nationality from Sheikh Isa Qassim in Bahrain is an inhuman behavior.

For his part, the Chinese ambassador said Beijing and Tehran enjoy long-lasting parliamentary relations, stressing importance of strengthening bilateral ties.

On the issue of Syria, he said his country agrees with Iran stressing that the Syrian crisis will be solved only through political ways.

China and Iran enjoy the same stance on most of the international and regional questions, he added.

Pang Sen also talked of Yemen and Bahrain and said peace and stability should be established in all countries so that terrorists could not take advantage of insecure conditions inside the countries.

On the JCPOA, the Chinese diplomat acknowledged that Iran had done all of its duties with honesty within the JCPOA.

According to the JCPOA, all sanctions most of which are financial should be lifted soon, he stressed.

He said China welcomes complete implementation of the JCPOA by both sides, saying it would be a good example for others to solve political disputes peacefully.