Islamic Terrorism: Forged or real phenomenon?

Alwaght- Today Western media and even the Muslim world media are discussing a phenomenon that they brand as “Europe’s Islamic terrorism” or” European Muslim terrorists.” But what is the truth about it? Who and for what objectives have set in motion such a phenomenon and are benefiting from its continuation? The matter deserves inquiry and research, something rarely paid attention to globally.

It seems that the phenomenon of Europe’s Islamic terrorism is a forged matter, and is made up as a result of cooperation between the Western countries and some of the takfiri, extremist, and Wahhabi groups. The phenomenon cannot be linked to Islam, rather, it is in close connection with Salafist and takfiri groups. On the other side, the rate of tendency of the European Muslims to these violent groups is very low. But the European sides hold some goals behind highlighting the self-forged Islamic terrorism in Europe, so they persistently talk about the issue and are busy all the time making exaggerations about it.

Concerning the interests of the European countries in highlighting the issue, it can be said that both before and after the Syrian war, either in times that the so-called Islamic terrorism was acting against the West and the Western values or in times that it was busy fueling sectarian rifts within Muslim world’s borders, the European countries were striving after realizing their own interests.

 Fighting terrorism and what they call Islamic terrorism is a highly easy practice for the Europeans because the information about the terrorists is completely at the hands of intelligence services of the Western sides. On the other side, many of the Muslim members of the terrorist groups are almost illiterate and inexperienced people and so very easily could be influenced or go under control of their governments. Therefore, it is very effortless to control the radical groups particularly within borders of the European countries. However, it is becoming clear day by day that the ruling parties in Western Europe are trying to take political advantages of the presence of the extremist groups in Europe. In fact, declining to seriously face these groups and even allowing the radical movements to be active socially come with the aim of intimidating the European society and consequently justifying the security and militaristic measures of some of European governments.

Furthermore, keeping alive the possibility of rise of extremism among the Muslims has been helping spread of islamophobia in the European societies. Actually, this policy can justify the Europeans to brand any political or social activity by Muslims in Europe as terrorism or extremism. As a result, the possibility of development of extremism can be an excuse at the hands of the European governments to put strains on the Muslims and limit their legal activities there. This may gradually force stop the Islamic awakening movement of Muslims living in the European communities, or it could even marginalize them. Making people of Europe afraid of Islam and the Muslims has left a negative impact on the process of Western citizens’ converting to Islam as a new religion.

All in all it must be noted that the Western Europe countries hold an array of objectives behind exaggeration on what they brand as Europe’s Islamic terrorism which include intensifying islamophobia, creating excuses for their militaristic and security campaigns, diverting the people’s attention from the economic problems in Europe and also confronting rise of genuine Islam in the European countries. Meanwhile, some beneficiaries appear as leaders of the terrorist groups in Europe.  Some economically, socially, and religiously loser people in Europe are fooled by ideologies and opinions of these radical groups and so turn into key pawns performing political plays of the Western governments.

By Al Waght