Littin: US is main factor behind crimes in Japan, Chile, and Iran

TEHRAN- Miguel Littin has said on the first day of his presence in Tehran, “I don’t feel Iran has been a country in sanctions; I used to be in Cuba. I did notice it was affected by sanctions too. Iran and its people are in a very good condition.”

The well-known Chilean anti-coup filmmaker, who was the special guest of the 3rd Ammar International Popular Film Festival in Tehran, on the first day of his Iran visit, toured Tehran’s Big Bazaar on 15 Khordad Street and the Peace Museum.

Having visited Tehran’s Peace Museum, he was briefed by Mohammad-Reza Taqipour, the Executive Director of the Museum, on the chronology of crimes and use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the world, especially during the Iraqi imposed war on Iran.

Litin said, “I was previously in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, which were chemically bombarded. I was also present in Vietnam. During the imposed war on Iran I had also heard something but what I did observe in the museum was too much surprising and impressing and shocked me.”

He went on to say, “Comparing the root cause of all the events in Japan, Vietnam and the imposed war on Iran with the root cause of crimes, committed by Pinochet military forces, backed by the US, in Chile, we could realize that the root cause of all the incidents is the US.”

Addressing himself to Taqipour, who is an imposed-war veteran, Littin said, “You are very revered and important for me because despite all the injustice you were subject to, forgave… and you do not bear hostility and animosity anymore; you go for global peace.”

At the end of the tour, officials of the Museum of Peace offered the book and illustrated album of the Museum as gift to the well-known filmmaker of the Latin American cinema.

Littin visited Tehran’s big bazaar on the first day of his Iran presence, saying, “Iranian community is a very strong community and its people enjoy a high spirit and are energetic.”

Asked by his companions on sanctions against Iran, Littin said, “I do not feel Iran to be a country suffering sanctions; I used to be in Cuba as well; there, I did notice

conditions being like the one affected by sanctions; Iran and its people are in a very good condition.”

At the end of his visit to Tehran bazaar, Littin said, “One day of being among people of Tehran, especially in the 15 Khordad bazaar is not enough; I should be present in such atmospheres for three to four days.”