No limit for missiles in range, destruction power, precision

TEHRAN, Aug. 19 (MNA) – Defense minister underlined that Iran’s missile power is to deter enemies and Islamic Republic would bear no limitation on its missile program.

“Following 9/11 event, the US started attacking the countries of the region which had broad consequences which is still plaguing the region,” said Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan, on Friday, in Tehran, addressing the worshippers gathered to observe the weekly rituals of Tehran Friday Prayers.

The official contended that the attack of the Americans was behind the claim that there were centers in the area where terrorists are trained and they threaten the security of the US and the countries dependent on it.

“The real intention of the Americans was to create the Greater Middle East ruled by non-popular and dependent regimes established via a fake democracy under the pretext of slogans like peace, stability, welfare, security and democracy to guarantee their permanent presence in the region,” asserted the general.

The Iranian defense minister articulated that the American’s plot was foiled and they shifted to another strategy to guarantee their presence in the region and secure the security of their staunch ally, Israel.

“The first principle was to have costless measures,” stated Dehghan, “and the second was to creat movements which destabilize the region.”

The Iranian defense minister argued that the Americans decided to destroy the revolutionary forces of the region, and believed that after attacks to Hezballah and Hamas, they can control the revolutionary capacities.

“From another side they started spreading Islamophobia, Iranophobia, and Shiaphobia, to put Islamic countries in opposition to revolutionary Islam, and in hunger for arm acquisition, to deviate us from the main path of Islamic Revolution” General Dehghan maintained, “those terrorists who call themselves Muslims are not Muslims but Zionists.”

Dehghan underlined that the Americans introduced these movements to drain out the revolutionary capacity of Islamic countries and the coffin of their material and spiritual resources.

“Today, we are in a situation where all the plots designed by the regional strategists have ended in defeat,” stressed the Iranian general, “and today the only nation who is standing against the imperialistic policies of the US is the nation of Iran.”

He then elaborated on the sources of the power of Iranians which in his opinion brings peace and stability. He held that respect to the will of nations and to the democratic government of the nation’s choice is an element of stability and peace. Dehghan posited that the defensive power of the nations is part of the stability.

“Today, our country is rich with some power elements that enhance the national might of our nation,” said General Dehghan, “and insures our country against any threat.”

The minister then boasted that the armed forces of Iran are monitoring all the moves of the anti-Iran terrorists in the whole world and are quite ready to counter any possible aggression against Iran.

“Relying on scientists and researchers, our defense industries enjoy their own design, science, and production,” stated General Dehghan, “the jihadi morale and incentive have made us capable to have many positive features in our defense industries.”

He maintained that one of the main features of Iran deterrent defense power is the missile power of the country which enables the armed forces of the country to have any missile at any range, destructive power, and precision rate.

The official stressed that the missile power is to deter enemies and Iran would bear no limitation on its missile program.

By Mehr News Agency