International Army Games in Russia

Iran expresses desire to participate in Int’l Army Games in 2017

Iranian Brig. Gen. Vali Madani, who is visiting the International Army Games (IAG) in Russia, stated that Iran and Russia cooperated very closely and both countries could learn from the experience of each other.

ALABINO (Moscow Region) (Sputnik) — Iran’s military intend to participate in the International Army Games (IAG) in 2017, Brig. Gen. Vali Madani said on Saturday.

The IAG, hosted by Russia, kicked off on July 30. The event featured competitions in 23 disciplines, including tank biathlon, the sniper frontier, gunsmith master and clear sky. A total of 121 teams from 19 countries from across the world took part in the IAG. This year, the IAG were monitored by observers from 11 countries.

“We participated in the games for the first time and we came 5th in the competitions out of 19 countries-participants. We thank Russia for assistance, hospitality and cooperation. We will definitely participate in the games next year and will try to take part in all competitions of the games,” Madani said.

Madani added, that Iran and Russia cooperated very closely and both countries could learn from the experience of each other.

“We competed in the tank biathlon for the first time and we learned a lot. Unfortunately, at the end, we faced some difficulties. We hope we will prepare better for the games next year,” he added.

The IAG closing ceremony is expected to be held after all of the remaining competitions are completed on Saturday.

By Sputnik News