Zarif & Cavusoglu

Zarif: Iran to continue support for democracy in Turkey

Ankara, Aug 12, IRNA – Iran is going to continue its support for democracy in Turkey, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after attending the Turkish parliament, Zarif added that denouncing the coup and its perpetrators by the people in Turkey showed that one cannot suppress democracy by force.

My visit to the Turkish parliament is aimed at supporting democracy in Turkey and the people in the country, he said.

Zarif noted that Turkish people and the country’s lawmakers by following the guidelines of their president proved that one cannot impose its will on people by force.

Turkish people’s presence at the scene showed that the will of the people remains to be more powerful than any other force, he said.

Iran as a country that condemned the coup from the early moments, has sided with the people of Turkey and will continue its support for them and the government of Turkey, Iranian top diplomat said.