Male shooter squander hopes of finals

RIO DE JANIERO, Aug. 08 (MNA) – Iran’s male shooter has squandered hopes of reaching finals by standing in 22nd place in men’s 10 meter air rifle.

Pouria Norouzian was Iran’s single representative in men’s section and competed with 54 rivals Monday night local time. 6 shooters had won Olympic and World Cup medals. Each shooter shot 60 bullets to target and 8 shooters qualified for the finals.

On Saturday, the news of success by Elaheh Ahmadi, the sole mother of Iranian delegation to Rio, in reaching finals stole the limelight and was the epicenter of news and laudatory comments in social media. But Ahmadi’s star was in the descendent in finals where she came 6th, to have a bitter experience along her baby who has travelled in a unique experience to Olympic village, thousands of miles away from home.

Iran’s hopeful Najmeh Khedmati also was a disappointment for the delegation where she even lagged behind her teammate Ahmadi and failed to reach to finals and ended empty-handed.

By Mehr News Agency