Iran likely to partake in ‘master armorer’ IAG 2017

TEHRAN, Aug. 07 (MNA) – Iran’s armed forces team may participate for the first time in the ‘master armorer’ competitions to be held in the course of the 2017 International Army Games in Russia.

The remark was made by Ali Khodsiani, representative of Iranian army delegation that was sent to Penza Artillery Engineering Institute.

Penza Marshal N. Voronov Artillery Engineer Institute is located in the Russian city of Penza, southeast of Moscow. Penza is currently hosting the second round of international competitions among repair masters of artillery missile batteries, entitled ‘masters armorer’.

The Iranian delegation is participating in this round of competitions as observer.

The games are currently underway in Russia on 1-10 August in the course of the 2016 International Army Games. Army teams from Russia, Kazakhstan and China are among the participating countries.

The Iranian delegation is participating in the 2016 annual World Tank Biathlon with seven teams including Tank biathlon, Depth, Sniper frontier, Airborne platoon, Elbrus ring, Seaborne assault and Suvorov attack. The tournament was launched on August 1 in several cities in Russia and Kazakhstan and will run through August 14.

By Mehr News Agency