Iran to buy airplanes from Japan

Tehran, Aug 6, IRNA – A Japanese delegation is due to visit Iran on December for talks on selling aircraft to Iranian airlines, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development Asghar Fakhriyeh said on Saturday.

Asghar Fakhriyeh Kashan said that the 100-seat Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a good option for Iranian airlines.

Asseman Airlines would apply for MRG-100 for domestic flights, he said that the small airplanes are good option for domestic flights, Fakhriyeh Kashan said.

He said that Iran plans to buy some 20 airplanes from the Japanese aircraft manufacturer on lease-to-own basis.

On buying small aircraft from ATR (a sub group of Airbus), the official said the country needs more than 20 small airplanes and therefore buying airplanes from other aircraft manufacturers is on the agenda.

He said that there are more than 60 small airports in the country requiring small airplanes to become operational.