14 Daesh Takfiris killed as army jets strike areas in western Iraq

More than a dozen Takfiri Daesh terrorists have been killed when Iraqi military aircraft carried out two separate airstrikes in the beleaguered province of Anbar.

The Joint Operations Command, in a statement released on Sunday, announced that a senior Daesh executive for financial affairs, identified as Abu Bara’ al-Hamdani, and four of his close aides were killed as Iraqi F-16 fighter jets launched precision strikes against a militant hideout in the town of Qaim.

Daesh provincial training officer, known as Abu Mansour al-Jinabi, was also killed along with eight terrorists in another aerial attack in the same Iraqi town.

Also on Sunday, Iraqi security forces, backed by pro-government fighters from Popular Mobilization units, carried out a major operation in the al-Waleed district of Anbar and discovered a Daesh cache of weapons there.

The cache included sophisticated light, medium and heavy munitions, a considerable amount of explosive materials as well as coils of wire.

The developments came only a day after 19 Daesh militants were killed when Iraqi fighter jets launched an airstrike against Zankourah and Albu Nimr districts in Anbar.

The northern and western parts of Iraq have been plagued by gruesome violence ever since Daesh terrorists mounted an offensive in the country in June 2014.

Iraqi government forces, backed by fighters from allied Popular Mobilization units, have been pushing the militants out of the country’s territory.

By Press TV