Likely human rights talks with Europe to involve Iranian jurists, politicians: Official

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An Iranian judiciary official said a probable series of discussions between Iran and European countries about human rights -proposed by Iran’s Judiciary chief- will be attended by a combination of Iranian Judiciary officials, jurists and politicians interested in the legal sphere.

Speaking at a television talk show on Wednesday night, Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary general of Iranian High Council for Human Rights, said an Iranian team of qualified individuals with skill in diplomacy would handle the negotiations with Europe on human rights.

He also pointed to the West’s unfair criticism of Iran’s judiciary system, expressing surprise that Westerners describe as “anti-human rights” Iran’s fight against terrorists, who have the blood of more than 20,000 Iranians on their hands.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iran’s top judge Ayatollah Amoli Larijani proposed that the Islamic Republic and Europe can begin discussions about human rights, provided that Iran also has the chance to question the shortcomings of Europeans regarding human rights.

“I suggest that the (Judiciary’s) Human Rights Council, the Foreign Ministry and the Supreme National Security Council pave the way for talks with European countries (on human rights),” he said, adding that the US must be excluded from any such discussions because “Americans are only after deception.”

“We also have things to say about human rights in Europe. We have questions and views about Europe’s approach toward humans, Islamophobia in Europe, and France’s ban on hijab,” he stressed.

By Tasnim News Agency