France is eating stolen croissants – Founders of ISIS sunbathing on French Riviera

Syria was, prior to 2011, one of the world’s most important agricultural sources of hard durum wheat.  Italy, famous for its pastas, bought hard durum wheat from Reqaa, Syria for decades.  In fact, almost all of Italy’s pastas were made from the Syrian wheat.  Research studies undertaken for years failed to reveal the secret of the Syrian wheat, and the reasons for its unmatchable quality.

March 2011: the American CIA planned international attack on Syria, for the goal of regime change, began in Deraa. Several years later, ISIS occupied Reqaa as its headquarter.  ISIS is a well-known trading partner with the Erdogan government of Turkey.  ISIS stole the oil from the Syrian oil wells and sold it to Erdogan for $17.00 per barrel.  Erdogan then re-sold the oil to the EU for just under $40.00 per barrel.  The EU admitted their crime, of buying stolen oil.

While in Reqaa, ISIS shipped by truckloads, the wheat stores, which amounted to the equivalent of 8 years of Syrian wheat consumption.  ISIS once again turned to their trusted business partner, President Erdogan of Turkey.   Erdogan bought the wheat, or perhaps he bartered for it.  After all, ISIS and other terrorist groups receive weapons, transportation, supplies and cash through Turkey, from their regional supporters.

Terrorists have medical needs, just like any group of humans.   They get sick, and have toothaches just like everyone else.  Their wives and sex slaves have babies just like other women around the world.  All of the medical needs for the terrorists are covered in Turkey.  Hospitals, clinics, medicines, X-rays and all the rest of routine health coverage is available in Turkey, and officially supplied to the terrorists by Pres. Erdogan.  Before coming into his final phase of control in Turkey, Erdogan’s APK party received a campaign donation from the King of Saudi Arabia, which was 10 Billion US dollars.

Erdogan used the state owned airline to move terrorists from their home country into Turkey, with flights added on in Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.  Turkish flight crews were astonished at their passengers, and had to play police in flight occasionally as the terrorists tried to abuse female passengers. Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport became an international Transit Hub for terrorists, mercenaries and murderers.

Erdogan sold the stolen Syrian wheat to European countries, just as he had sold them the stolen Syria oil previously.  Italy once again had its favorite Syrian wheat running through its industrial pasta machines.  The British, famous for their tea and Crumpets, began baking their “English Muffins” from the stolen Syrian wheat.  The French, ‘tres’ famous for their croissants, were baking up a storm from the exquisite Syrian wheat, which was ‘hot’ in more ways than one.

USA, UK, France, Germany, EU, NATO, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and others, formed a coalition against Syria.  In the mainstream media these “Friends of Syria” were promoting regime change for freedom and democracy.  No one seemed to question why Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, would be demanding freedom and democracy in Syria, while they all had neither at home.  How can the Gulf countries teach democracy to Syria, when they cannot even spell the word?

Now, after more than 5 years of daily butchering of unarmed civilians in Syria, by terrorists supported by USA, UK, France and others, these “Friends of Syria” are still demanding freedom  and democracy for Syria.  In the meantime, European countries like France and Belgium have been targets of ISIS attacks.  France and the EU in general, were trading partners with ISIS, through Pres. Erdogan as the middleman in the deal.  The Europeans knew full well where the oil and wheat were coming from.

The people of France, Belgium, USA, and the other “Friends of Syria” coalition know full well where the source of global terrorism is: Saudi Arabia.

When the mothers of ISIS and terrorists in Syria have spoken, they all tell the same tale: their son was not radicalized on the internet alone.  There was a personal contact, meeting one on one, with someone in the community.  It could have been a Saudi trained cleric, or a friend, classmate or co-worker.  It was not from sitting alone in a dark room staring at the computer screen.  The radicalization process was personal, and could be accompanied later with computer activity.  Whether they were attending a mosque in Florida, or in Belgium, the lessons were the same: Wahhabism.  During the 60’s and 70’s the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent Saudi trained clerics around the world, especially concentrating on Europe and USA.   Saudi Arabia follows its own brand of Islam, which is Wahabism, and is the only form of Islam officially sanctioned in Saudi Arabia. However, the US, British and German Muslim Brotherhood followers, which are in the millions, are preaching the exact same narrative of Islam as the Wahabbis. In Houston, Texas there are 40 Mosques, and only one is not classified as Salafi.

Wahhabism is the enemy to global peace and security.   But, it is not a nation, or an Army.  How do we fight a political ideology which is spreading throughout the world?  The followers are not religious, and may have almost no understanding of the actual religion called Islam.  Terrorists and ISIS members are not the clean-cut religious fanatics the media would have you to believe. They are usually not very religious, and they may appear to have been radicalized over night.  Yes, the transformation from normal young man, or woman, to a killer can be a very short time. The flow of weapons, money and supplies needs to stop and that requires international sanctions on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, Turkey and all other countries who are feeding the monster in Syria and Iraq.

Some experts have called ISIS, and Wahhabi terrorist groups, a “Death Cult”.  A cult which glorifies the killing of non-Muslims, and Muslims who are deemed to not be following the same political ideology.

In true Islam it is forbidden to kill innocents, and prohibited for a Muslim to kill a Muslim.  The Wahhabis and ISIS have created their own fashion of Islam, and they make up their own rules.  They kill anyone who is not exactly like them.  Political experts call them “Islamofascists”.  Fascism is a political ideology in which they are against anyone not following their exact ideology.

Europeans should be worried about all these migrants who have arrived in 2015 to 2016 period.  Are they really all innocent people who have lost their homes and have nowhere to go for safety?  Among those thousands of migrants now in Europe, could there be hundreds of Wahhabi followers?

While Saudi Arabia exports the Wahhabism ideology, which inspires ISIS and the Takfirists globally, the King and his Royal Family are sunbathing at their palace on the beach, not so far from the scene of the recent terrorist attack at Nice, where 84 persons were killed, and ISIS claimed responsibility.

World leaders will all have words of condolences for France and the victims of the Nice attack.  They will light candles, lay flowers and make statements like, “They hate us for our freedom.”

What freedom?

The freedom to send Wahhabi mercenaries from Libya to Deraa, Syria in March 2011, with stockpiles of weapons stashed at the Omri mosque.

The freedom to form a coalition of death and destruction called “Friends of Syria” in which sanctions are placed on the Syrian people, so that even cancer chemotherapy  drugs cannot be brought into Syria.

The freedom to kidnap young boys and girls and use them as sex slaves to service the appetites of the terrorists known as Free Syrian Army, Al Qaeda, Ahrar al Sham, Jibhat al Nusra and Islam Army.

The freedom to destroy the cultural heritage of Syria, which dates back 10,000 years.  The 2 oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth are Damascus and Aleppo, according to UNESCO.

The French and their European neighbors are free to eat the croissants made of the stolen Syrian wheat.  Perhaps it will leave a bitter taste in their mouths.


This article was written by Steven Sahiounie for American Herald Tribune on July 29,2016. Steven began writing political analysis and commentary during the Syrian war, which began in March 2011. He has published several articles, and has been affiliated with numerous media. He has been interviewed by US, Canadian and German media.