Bahraini regime summons Al-Wefaq Shura Council head, 10 others for interrogation

TEHRAN (FNA)- Bahraini authorities summoned at least eleven people including Al-Wefaq Shura Council head for interrogation in a latest move by the Al Kahlifa regime against opposition figures in the Middle Eastern country.

The authorities summoned Al-Wefaq Shura Council head, Sayed Jameel Kadhem and 7 other clerics, Bahrain Mirror reported.

Sheikh Ali Al-Sadadi, Sheikh Bashar Al-A’ali, Sheikh Ali Humaidan, Sheikh Ali Al-Jaafari, Sheikh Sadiq Al-A’afiya, Sayyed Amin Al-Mosawi and Sayed Ali Al-Shagl are seven senior clerics that Bahraini authorities have summoned with Al-Wefaq Shura Council head. They also summoned two reciters, Jaafar Al-Qashmi and Mohammad Jaber Al-Diraz as well as Zahraa Al-Sayed Bashir.

The authorities also summoned father of martyr Ahmad Shames, Sayed Saeed Shames for interrogation at a time they arrest Sayed Saeed Isa, the father of martyr Hachem Saeed, Jawad Al-Sheikh father of martyr Ali Al-Sheikh and opposition activist, Yaser Nasser.

This ongoing wave of summoning is a part of the regime’s campaign to impose restrictions on protestors holding sit-in in front of senior opposition cleric Sheikh Issa Qassim’s house.

By Fars News Agency