Zanganeh: Ukraine wants transit of Iranian oil, gas to East Europe

Tehran, Aug 1, IRNA – Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh said on Monday that Ukraine is keen on transit of Iranian oil and gas to Eastern European countries.

Speaking after a meeting with Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Minister Igor Nasalyk on Monday, Zanganeh said that Iran’s offer to start cooperation with Ukraine is supplying oil to the country.

He said Ukraine’s refining capacity is low, so it imports oil derivatives.

The Minister said Ukraine enjoys efficient transfer network and more consultations will be held for the purpose in the future.

‘More thought needs to that end to see whether transit of part of Iranian oil to Czech and Slovakian republics through Ukraine is economical or practical. Ukraine enjoys sophisticated industries of rotating machines and now we are cooperating with it in turbines and gas industry compressors,’ said the minister.

He said trade is the fastest and most efficeint section to start mutual cooperation, while serving as the basis for development.