Iran urges IAEA to protect secret information of member states

Tehran, July 31, IRNA – Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi urged International Atomic Energy Agency to be more protective of the member state’s secret information.

Appearing on a television program on Sunday, Kamalvandi referred to the BBC reports on an alleged rift between Iran and the IAEA and said that some media outlets are trying to make enmity between Iran and the IAEA and to accuse Iran of violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action.

He said that all countries are concerned about proliferation of information from the IAEA for both security aspects as well as the right of ownership.

Referring to the influence exerted by the big powers on the international atomic watchdog, Kamalvandi noted that Iran has warned the IAEA about the proliferation of information several times.

Iran has not accepted discriminative mechanism of the international bodies but is doing its best to encourage reform in the UN bodies, he added.

Kamalvandi said that the Zionist regime’s nuclear arsenal is still an ambiguous issue and world powers do not allow an IAEA inspection of the regime’s nuclear program.

The IAEA actions are politically motivated but we should consider the fact that without its surveys, more countries would acquire nuclear weapon, the official said.

He noted that countries can impact international bodies by the amount of money they donate to these organizations.

Criticizing the political behavior of the global big banks towards removal of Iran’s sanctions, Kamalvandi said it seems that other sides of talks have not been committed to their JCPOA obligations.

Iran’s concessions in its nuclear program are quite reversible, he underlined.

The official hailed export of Iran’s heavy water to the United States, adding that Iran itself will re-design the Arak heavy water reactor but other countries are also planning to extend their technical assistance.