ISIS razed a university to the ground in Iraqi city of Mosul for teaching law

The ISIS terror group, which is standing on its last legs in Iraq, razed Al-Hadba’a University in Mosul. Ghayas Surchi, media representative of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Iraq, in an interview with IRNA reporter in Arbil, stated: “On Monday morning, ISIS exploded law school of Al-Hadba’a University.” This private Iraqi University which is located in the city center, was completely demolished. Earlier ISIS had torn down other schools of this University. As stated by Sourchi, ISIS expressed that teaching non-Islamic law courses in the university, had been the reason.

ISIS, which is spending its last days in Iraq, has also razed lots of Iraq’s heritage to the ground, such as historical buildings, holy shrines, tombs of prophets, mosques and temples in this city.

Earlier, ARA News reported media activist Abdullah Mullah said that masked militants of ISIS executed professor Wadallah Ibrahim Sultan, head of the Faculty of Law at al-Hadbaa University.

The terror group had arrested the victim in his house in al-Muthanna sub-district north of Mosul.

Mullah pointed out that the group’s Court has sentenced Sultan to death in the village of Azba south of Mosul.

“Professor Sultan was beheaded in the village’s main square in front of a crowd of people,” the source said, adding that ISIS hasn’t explained the reasons behind Sultan’s execution. By razing the faculty one might estimate his gulit has been taching law and being the head of the faculty.

Noteworthy, ISIS has been in control of the city of Mosul since June 2014, after a sudden collapse of the Iraqi army and security forces. The group has executed hundreds of civilians after imposing its control over the city and its suburbs.

After liberating Falluja, the Iraqi army is looking to conqure Mosul in fight against terror and defeat the ISIS in Iraq.

By American Herald Tribune