Iran ready for cooperation with Mali in fighting terrorism, extremism

Bamako, July 28, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif voiced Tehran’s readiness for cooperation with Bamako in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

In a meeting with Mali Prim Minister Modibo Keita on Thursday, he hailed good ties between Iran and Mali, saying that Mali is the cradle of Islam in Africa and is of high significance for the Iranians.

Mali was the cradle of moderate Islam, he said, noting, ‘We are sad over the presence of extremist groups in the country.’

Contending that extremism is common malady of Islamic world, Zairf said that extremism shows itself under a name everywhere and this is an evil phenomenon faced by the Middle East.

He also said that Iran is prepared to cooperate with Mali in fighting terrorism and extremism.

Zarif said that fighting narcotics are common problems for both countries and Iran has a lot of experience in fighting drug traffickers and is ready to share them with Mali.

‘The delegation accompanying me in this trip are ready to promote economic ties in all fields such as agriculture, health, education, energy, technology and banking sectors,’ he said.

Keita, for his part, said that Iran proved that problems can be overcome through bravery and strive.

Iran is a great country which showed that drawback and non-development has no place in it, he said.

‘Once all ways were closed to you but Iran acted deliberately and courageously and maintained its interests,’ he said.

He also called for deeper ties between the two countries, saying that the two nations want to have closer ties than before.