Iran after creating large-scale exporting firms

TEHRAN, Jul. 24 (MNA) – Iran’s deputy industry minister has announced that the country is seeking to establish major exporting companies.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade Valiollah Afkhami Rad said there exists no doubt that competitiveness depends on the presence of large-scale export businesses inside the country; “to this end, existing companies need to be supported.”

The official further noted that volume of Iran’s exports to Russia has not experienced a positive trend despite numerous facilities handed over to exporters including reduction in tariffs, creation of Customs Green Corridor with Russia, launch of direct flights to Astrakhan as well as validation of a number of Russian companies by the Export Guarantee Fund.

He further enumerated causes of fluctuations in ruble including lack of bank accounts, high cost of finished goods in Iran as well as lack of large exporting companies; “due to non-existence of large-scale firms in Iran, trade ties with Russia have not improved significantly despite taking various steps in facilitating the process.”

“Big exporting companies cannot be initially created since leading firms first need to be identified and strengthened before finally achieving large-scale export volumes,” underlined Afkhami Rad adding “in the meantime, export competitiveness depends on presence of large-scale businesses in the country.”

Deputy industry minister maintained that “accordingly, we will support leading exporters in participating in target markets by boosting volume of exports and enhancing quality.”

He urged private sector companies to purposefully take exports into account and move in accordance with plans as well as to offer suggestions and comments in formation of big exporting firms.

By Mehr News Agency