Germany returns two rare manuscripts of Holy Quran to Iran

TEHRAN – Two rare manuscripts of the Holy Quran recovered by the Munich police have been delivered to the Iranian consulate in the German city.

The manuscripts, which belonged to an Iranian collector living in Germany, were handed over to Iran’s Counsel General Abdollah Nekunam in the presence of the Deputy Director General of the Bavarian State Library at Munich, Klaus Ceynowa.

The two precious items are due to be displayed at the National Museum of Iran based on the collector’s personal will, Persian media reported on Saturday.

The manuscripts belonged to an Iranian private collector who was living in Munich since 1962 and died in 1997 at the age of 86. No name has been given for the collector.

But after his death, his children discovered that some of the invaluable items were missing and informed the police.

The items including 174 precious objects were later discovered at the house of an Iranian-German engineer (no name given) by the police.

The heir also donated two other precious manuscripts to the Bavarian State Library for their great help.

The collector’s children still believe a rare manuscript by Hafez dating back 550 years and valued at over 1 million euro is still missing.

By Tehran Times