Iran sends 7 teams to Russia for intl. military tournament

TEHRAN, Jul. 23 (MNA) – Seven military teams from Iran’s Armed Forces have been dispatched to Russia to participate in the annual World Tank Biathlon in Moscow in August.

The seven teams which include tank biathlon, airborne and seaborne attack, as well as shooting and diving, comprises 204 highly qualified military forces from the Army, IRGC, Law Enforcement and Basij.

The International Army Games is welcoming 17 nations to participate in 7 categories in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The tournament is set to begin on August 1 in several cities in Russia and Kazakhstan and will run through August 14.

Last year’s competitors included Russia, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, China, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Serbia, Tajikistan and Venezuela.

According to the rules of the games, each team has the use of four tanks and must employ military tactics and navigation to outmaneuver teams from the other nations. The racing course is usually about 20 kilometers long and is provided with obstacles, including fire, and gunnery exercises.

By Mehr News Agency