Saudis rebuff protecting Iranian Hajj pilgrims, says official

Qom, July 19, IRNA – Saudi Arabia provided no guarantees during negotiations for protecting the security and dignity of the Iranian Hajj pilgrims, says Saeed Ohadi Head of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization.

During talks with the Saudi officials we asked them to give guarantees for securing the security of Iranian pilgrims, Ohadi said on Tuesday in a meeting on Iran’s Hajj policies.
But the Saudis rejected to do so, he said.

We had to ask the Saudi officials about their new plans for the Hajj management and how they wanted to address the mismanagements that left dead 6,000 pilgrims last year during and catastrophic stampede in Mina, the Iranian official said.

We had to ask them how they wanted to stop such deadly events from happening again, he said.

The head of Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization also said that to guarantee the security of the pilgrims, Iran has offered 20 plans.

‘But reacting to our security plans, the Saudi Hajj minister said that security is just a word in the political jargon and we are not able to consider your proposals, he said.