Saudi policies do not benefit world of Islam: Iran senior official

Beirut, July 20, IRNA – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani described the Saudi policies against the interests of the world of Islam.

Shamkhani made the remarks speaking to Lebanon’s Al-Ahed news website.

Shamkhani said military cooperation between Iran, Russia and Syria in fight against terrorism has been ‘successful’.

The senior Iranian official further elaborated on Iran’s stance on regional developments, terrorism in Syria and Iraq, coup in Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s attack against Yemen.

On Iran, Saudi Arabia relations and absence of Iranian pilgrims in this Year’s Hajj, Shamkhani said due to obstacles made by Saudis, Iranian pilgrims have been deprived of performing their religious duties.

Shamkhani said bombarding the people of Yemen even in the holy month of Ramazan, preventing the entry of food and medicines to that country over one year, giving no guarantte for security of Iranian pilgrims, cooperating with infidels and trying to set up relations with the Zionists are some of the wrong policies of the inexperience rulers of Saudi Arabia which are in contradiction with the interests of the Islamic world.

He expressed hope that the religious leaders of the Islamic world try to change these policies by adopting appropriate positions.