IRGC commander: No ground for ISIS militants in Iran; Sunni Muslims disagree with principles of Salafism, Daesh

AhlulBayt News Agency – Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said here on Wednesday that there is no apt ground for Daesh (ISIS) terrorists in Iran.

Speaking in a local gathering in Mashhad, General Jafari underscored that the terrorists who have been arrested in Iran are not all Daesh members.

He also reiterated that Iran’s Sunni Muslims disagree with principles of Salafism and Daesh thinking.

Expounding on why the enemies’, in particular US, are against IRGC, he added the IRGC forces are seeking to materialize the goals and values of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

General Jafari also confirmed that IRGC has arrested the former head of Bank Mellat, adding that IRGC’s Intelligence follows security affairs, enemies’ infiltration plots, and economic corruption.

He added the arrest is not only because of legal problems but is related to more serious corruption in which certain politicians are also involved.