Official says every Takfiri attempt to insecure Iran doomed to failure

Tehran, July 18, IRNA – Interior Ministry Deputy for Security and Law Enforcement Affairs Hossein Zolfaqari said Takfiri groups from outside Iranian borders are trying to have operations in Iran but always fail because of the intelligence vigilance of Iran’s security forces.

Talking to reporters on Monday, he cited a case when on the eve of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan which coincides with the International Quds Day, two people were arrested in a border province who were plotting some terrorist moves.

He said security forces will certainly show maximum rate of sensitivity and vigilance if they get the slightest information about any kind of probable threats.

The official said Takfiri groups were certainly incapable of any organized measures against Iran but rather tried to attract individuals and brainwash them with the aim of misusing them.

He further pointed to connections between some of the regional countries with certain anit-Iran grouplets like the terrorist group Mujahedeen Khalq Organization (MKO) and said that some elements affiliated to grouplets which used to do just political activities and never embarked on any military operations were lured by some regional countries into conducting armed operations which were killed by the IRGC forces in northwest of the country.