Jalali: unwise measures of Bahrain rulers cause of humanitarian crisis

Tehran, July 17, IRNA – Head of Research Center in Majlis Kazem Jalali said on Sunday that unwise measures of Bahraini rulers are root-cause of the current humanitarian crisis in the country.

Jalali made the remarks in a meeting with the head of operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Middle East, Robert Mardini in Tehran.

Iran and the ICRC have a close cooperation to find remaining of martyrs killed during Iran-Iraq eight years of imposed war 1980-1988, he said.

Iran and the Red Cross have a very good cooperation at regional and global developments, he said.

Referring to the current developments in the region and mass presence of terrorists, Jalali said the problems of the Middle East region are very complicated making the duties of relief organizations such as Red Cross very tough.

Unfortunately, all infrastructures in Syria have been demolished and women and children have suffered a lot, he said.

Iran gave warning over the danger of terrorists in Syria and their promotion in the world but regretfully, the western governments along with some other governments in the region mobilized them and fully backed them, Jalali said.

The crimes and atrocities the terrorists perpetrated in Syria and Iraq are very unique in history, he said.

Situation in Yemen is very deplorable as all witness a human catastrophe, Jalali said.

Regretfully the reports on Red Cross on the status of people in the countries in the region mainly in Yemen did not reflect properly in western media, he said.

Iran is to spare no efforts to broaden cooperation with the ICRC, Jalali said.

Head of operations of the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Middle East, Robert Mardini said for his part that the Red Cross has the highest rate of cooperation and interaction with Iran.

ICRC has a very close cooperation with Iranian organizations, he said.

He expressed deep concern about deterioration of humanitarian situation in the region, saying that the situation in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine is very deplorable.
30 percent of the Red Cross budget is spent in the Middle East region, he said.

People in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have encountered many problems, he said.