Iran to hold nano-medical expo

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to hold the second nano-medical exhibition on September 27-29 in Zanjan medical Sciences University, central Iran.

Nano-tech uses nano-tools and engineered nanostructures to build, control, sea and recover human being biological system in molecular scale.

The most basic tools of nano-medicine can be used to diagnose diseases, distribute drug and inject hormone in chronicle diseases. The more advanced tools are acting as small surgeons in body.

The Iranian university plans to hold the exhibition in a bid to introduce the newest nano-medicine achievements, exchange information and conduct research projects.

The fields of the exhibition include new drug distribution systems, nano-biometrical, texture engineering, nano-pharmacology, nano-toxicology, nano-sensors, nanostructures and commercializing nano-products.

Those interested can visit for further information.