Chitchian: UK banks should play more active role in trade with Iran

London, July 12, IRNA – Minister of Energy Hamid Chitchian said on Tuesday that British banks should play more active role in the expansion of trade cooperation with Iran.

Talking to IRNA, Chitchian said British party is highly willing to be active in Iran.

‘The prerequisite for the expansion of bilateral commercial cooperation is British banks being able to play considerable role,’ he added.

He said during meetings with officials of British trade and investment agencies on Tuesday, it was discussed that if the two sides seek activation of commercial mechanisms, the banks should play remarkable role.

Talks were held in the session on banking problems and good results are hoped to be achieved, the minister said.

On his three-day visit to the UK, he said it was on the invitation of his British counterpart and it was a good opportunity for the two sides to discuss grounds for cooperation.

‘Considerable number of British companies have long record of extensive activity in Iran and are now willing to expand their activity in the country.’

Chitchian said the companies are the ones manufacturing electricity turbines and they said in talks that the pre-condition for the presence in Iranian market and having a good business is having links with Iranian companies and their chance to produce major portion of their products in Iran.