Professor awarded EWRI prize for select paper

TEHRAN, Jul. 11 (MNA) – A University of Tehran assistant professor has won the best paper award during World Environmental & Water Resources Congress 2016 in the US.

Dr. Saeid Yousefi, Assistant Professor of College of Architecture, University of Tehran wrote a paper ‘Attitude-Based Negotiations for Resolving Water and Environmental Conflicts’ to address environmental conflicts related to water management issues.

“In this paper, a negotiation methodology for resolving disputes in water and environmental conflicts is presented for handling negotiation in the presence of multiple decision makers. A unique feature of the proposed methodology is to take into account the attitudes of disputants, which is an important human factor, particularly in resolving complex environmental disputes. The methodology is developed at the strategic level of decision making in which the Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) is employed to help disputants determine the best strategic resolution, given the negotiators’ competing interests, needs, and attitudes. The proposed methodology is then implemented in a negotiation decision support system that assists managers in tackling real-world water controversies,” wrote part of paper abstract.

“The results of this operational research helps to assess whether or not unwanted consequences can occur in a particular conflict because of improper attitudes, as well as ascertain what attitudes are needed to guide the conflict to more preferable or win/win outcomes for all of the concerned parties. This research may help to develop tools that are required by policy analysts, systems managers, and other decision makers to tackle current world water controversies, and prevent development of domestic and global water conflicts. Last but not least, appropriate management of water and environmental conflicts can save enormous amounts of time, costs, and resources,” it continued.

By Mehr News Agency